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Andrew and Iceman Second in Pre- Novice at Hambleden
Andrew Gould Eventing
Andrew riding Iceman
Andrew Gould riding Iceman at Hambleden.

Andrew took Loughnatousa Iceman to Hambleden this weekend to contest in the Open Pre Novice Section. This was only the combinations second event and Andrew has had the ride now for four weeks. They scored a good dressage of 29.5 which put them into second place. Ice produced a good round showjumping and were clear. The x-country which was an inviting course was also quite twisty and had some technical combinations. Andrew knew that he had fifteen time faults the week before at South of England so he had to try and push Ice on where he could. This round was much faster however they were two seconds over the time which meant 0.8 of a penalty. They finished in second place by 0.3. Andrew said "I was really pleased with him again. He is faultless. I pushed on much faster this time however he is a big horse and he isn't naturally the fastest. I am looking forward to Nurstead next weekend and if all goes well I hope to move up to Novice after this."

Updated: 29 April 2009

Andrew does a double clear in his first pre-novice
Andrew Gould Eventing
Andrew Gould riding Iceman in his eventing debut

Andrew and Loughnatousa Iceman, the horse he has on loan from Jonathan Clarke for this year's eventing season made their debut at South of England this weekend. A steady dressage test gave them a very respectable 33 score and they were lying in third place after this phase. They then produced a double clear which was quite remarkable considering Andrew had never actually done a round of jumps since he was 12-years-old and has only had Ice for two weeks practice. However they did accumulate fifteen time penalties on the cross country course. Andrew said "I thought I was going fast, but clearly not fast enough! I have another event this Friday at Hambleden, so at least I now have an idea of what I have got to do. I really enjoyed it and Ice was just fantastic."

Updated: 20 April 2009

Double win at Hickstead

Jordan's Andre owned by Katie Price competed in only his third competition to win the Novice Open section at Hickstead this weekend. Scoring over 70% the 5 year old bay gelding by Jazz did a consistent test and showed some real quality to his work. Andrew also competed Mary Taylor Johns 7-year-old mare Tiara, to take second in the class on 68%. This dutch bred mare by Metal has bred three foals and has been under saddle for just six months. This was her first competition and Andrew was delighted with how she coped with the rather daunting arenas at Hickstead. "She is a lovely mare but just green and inexperienced. Mary drives her to me four times a week to ride and she has come on a lot in the last couple of months. She has a super canter and she just needs to get some mileage now."

Korenbloem Varisto owned by Sara Green and Ian Gould also enjoyed a convincing win in the Medium Open qualifier scoring over 70%. The stallion by Jazz has not competed for four months as Andrew has been concentrating on his training at home. Andrew said "I wanted to come here today to build his confidence rather than ride to win but he did produce a really lovely test so I am not surprised he scored well. He is getting much better in the quality of his work and he is now starting to feel like I can ask a bit more in the test."

Emily Stanford who is based with Andrew also took the Elementary Open class which completed her qualification for the Summer Regionals. She rode Korenbloem Vincit Omnia her 7 year old bay mare by Negro who was originally bought into the UK by Andrew and sold to Emily nearly two years ago. This combination will now start to contest some medium tests.

Updated: 20 April 2009

Andrew takes 5th place at the Nationals on Wild Angel

Andrew made the four hour journey to Hartpury College this weekend to take part in the Winter National Championships. He rode Mandy Crouch's Wild Angel in the Medium to Music National Final which was rather a hot contested class. Using the Riverdance music that saw them through to the final, Wild Angel produced a solid test to score over 69% resulting in a fifth place.

Andrew said "I was delighted as Wild Angel has only ever competed in a handful of shows in her life and is far less experienced than probably most of the other horses in the class. I thought she might be a bit spooky in the arena, but she surprised me and I really enjoyed riding her. She has so much natural energy and now we have competed in the Nationals we shall crack-on and establish her flying changes, so that she can progress up the levels".

Updated: 15 April 2009

Woof Wear Sponsors up and coming dressage star Andrew Gould
Woof Wear Logo

Woof Wear are delighted to announce a brand new sponsorship deal with Andrew Gould, one of Great Britain's most exciting, up and coming dressage riders and trainers.

At only 28-years-old Andrew is respected by some of the most prominent figures within the sport and is in increasing demand as a trainer. Andrew trains some of the equestrian world’s most popular riders and celebrities. His pupils include International celebrity Katie Price and Eventing’s Young Rider gold medal winners Emily Llewellyn and Sienna Myson-Davies.

Brand Manager at Woof Wear, Ali Reynolds, states “I’m really delighted to have Andrew on board and am very much looking forward to working with him and his team. Our sponsored riders form a fundamental part of our research and development programme on new products and we greatly value their input. We wish Andrew the best of luck for the season ahead.”

For more details about the Woof Wear product range, events and Brand Champions visit: or call the sales team on 01208 262505

Updated: 15 April 2009

Andrew will be seen out Eventing this year!

Andrew is looking forward to a packed season ahead of him. Not only has he got lots of exciting dressage horses to campaign he has also been loaned an event horse to give himself a new challenge for 2009. One of Andrew's pupils Jonathan Clarke has very kindly given him the ride on the eleven-year-old Irish bred gelding Loughnatousa Iceman. Standing at 17.1hh and a real gentleman 'Ice' will be partnering Andrew at Pre-Novice and Novice level this season.

Andrew who has not properly jumped since he was twelve-years-old at Pony Club is really looking forward to it: "I wanted a new challenge for this year and I have a few horses that I don't want to debut in the dressage ring until next year, therefore I felt it was the perfect time for me to have some fun eventing. I don't have any aspirations, but obviously I am a naturally competitive rider, so I will want to do well - at least in the dressage phase! 'Ice' is such a lovely horse and is very experienced, so I am hoping he will teach me lots. I am currently training many of the leading event riders and have been to some events to watch. I thought to myself I can do this, I'd like to have a go!"

Updated: 02 April 2009

Jordan's Andrew qualifies for Young Horse Championships
Andrew Gould
Andrew Gould riding Jordan's Andre at Pachesham

In only his second competition, the five-year-old Jazz x Krack C gelding Jordan's Andre qualified for the Young Horse Championships which will take place this summer at Hartpury. The qualifying competition was at Pachesham EC, Leatherhead and Jordan's Andre scored 8.14. Andrew said: "I was really pleased with him as he was listening to me and coped with quite a spooky arena. I am glad to have achieved the qualification early in the year, now I can just concentrate on taking him out to shows and giving him ring experience. He is such a gorgeous looking horse with three fantastic paces. He is everything you would want in a young dressage horse".

Andrew's pupil Camilla James also qualified through to the finals in the six-year-old section on Karen Simson's Riva Dance.

Updated: 02 April 2009